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Complete Tree Care Services

Well cared for trees are appealing, good for people and the environment. They provide summertime shade, muffle urban noise, help control erosion, remove polutants from the air and help with energy costs. That's why Chesapeake Lawnscapes offers a complete range of tree services. If you aren't sure what your tree needs, our ISA certified arborist will consult with you and offer advice after inspecting the tree in question.

Tree Trimming


Chesapeake Lawnscapes works hard to keep your trees healthy, strong and beautiful. We offer the following tree care services:

• Installation

• Removal

• Trimming
• Pruning
• Tree Relocation

• Stump Grinding

• Diagnosis

• Fertilization
• Pest Control

• Herbicide Application
• Forestry Cutting

Tree Removal

Sometimes, despite the best care, a tree can become irreversibly diseased, unsuitable or a health and saftey hazard. In such situations, you can count on us to safely take down and remove the tree. After removal, we can replant a healthy or better suited tree or plant a new tree to replace the one we removed.