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Commercial Power Washing

Commercial power washing removes oil, gum, and hard to remove organic matter from surfaces quickly and effectively. Our power washers are specially designed with a heating system for optimal cleaning power. The system heats the water to a balmy 220ºF to blast away tough to clean dirt, grime, and gum that cold water systems just cannot do. The high heat cleans surfaces in half the time and sanitizes them as well. Not only lifting up and washing away the bacteria and germs but killing them too. And thanks to the heat system, we are able to power wash year round, even in cold weather. Our power washers are not just top of the line cleaning systems but they are environmentally and ecologically friendly as well. Due to the high heat working alongside the pressure system, there is no need for harsh chemicals and detergents when cleaning. The heat breaks up and get in between the bonds of the grease and grime effectively removing them. And our uniquely designed system vacuums up the used dirty water for safe and proper disposal. That way none of the dirt, oil and grime ends up as run off into the local water system. This makes our powers washers perfect for also cleaning up oil and chemical spills. The local Wal-mart stores have been relying on our monthly power washing services for years.